A Review of Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Blink: A Timeless Review Of Malcolm Gladwell’s Timeless Book On Thought Processing And Decision Making

We have all been bombarded with endless clichés about action and thought at least once in our lives. ‘Think before you act’, ‘actions speak louder than words’, and as the philosophical playing field widens, one wonders what the newest adage will be. However, amidst all the smokescreen of clichés, there has finally risen a voice that makes more sense than what has been said over the centuries. It was with this in mind that Malcolm Gladwell penned his newest release, Blink, a novel about how decisions made ‘in the blink of an eye’ are perhaps the defining difference between success and failure. The author invites us to think about how we think, a challenge that most of us actually think twice about considering the somewhat apparent double negative.

Fighting Stereotypes

Blink attempts to fight stereotypes about thought processing that have captivated the minds of humanity for centuries. In a world of depleting resources it is only natural for humanity to think ‘preservation’, ‘caution’, ‘conservation’ and to direct thoughts in a guided manner that shuns impulse. Now, this is where things get interesting. Based on observing society, world trends and the opulent lives of the successful, rich or famous, the book takes a peak into how thinking ‘in the blink of an eye’ has been the a consistent mark in most success biographies.

A well thought of catastrophe, Or Not?

The book sifts the air and allows the eager eye to notice how decisiveness is key to making decisions that have an impact. So when one thinks about how some well thought of decisions end in catastrophe or disaster, the lingering question is why? Well, the answer is well-reasoned in the book as being simple: there is no guarantee that when you think before you act the result will always be in your favor. There are times when day-long thought processing is a waste of time. With the right intuitive skill one can learn how to streamline possibilities quickly and come up with a decision that will be to everyone’s benefit, for instance.

This is not to say that one must not think, no! In Blink Malcolm Gladwell is basically telling us to learn how to think fast, as some decisions do not require a harsh stretch of one’s imagination that extends farther than is absolutely necessary. The authoritative evidence of a leading psychologist mentioned in Blink who mastered the art of predicting future events based on a moment’s glance, is testament to the fact that sometimes the truth is right before our eyes, and if we ‘blink’ for too long, it might fade into falsehood and pretentiousness.

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