Healthy Eating While On A Business Trip

Although business trips come with plenty of perks, they have common pitfalls in terms of poor food choices people often make. One often finds themselves rushing to eat between meetings or unable to find healthy choices at travel hubs. Nevertheless, healthy eating while on the road doesn’t have to be difficult with the help of a few easy tips.

Pack Some Snacks

When packing, it would be worthwhile to carry some snacks like granola, pretzels, popcorn, or even chopped vegetables and fruit. These are great for curbing hunger while one is still in transit, thus enabling them control their diet better. If one is in a rush, they could also serve as a quick breakfast while on-the-go.

Adhere to the Schedule

It would be hard to stick to a regular meal schedule when things like cancelled/delayed flights or long car trips get in the way. This is why carrying healthy snacks is so crucial. Frequent travelers also have to face the challenges posed by jet lag. A routine would be of great help here in regulating what one eats and the portions as well.

Stay Hydrated

Quite often, people mistake thirst for hunger. Regular hydration is thus vital in preventing overeating. It is recommended that men drink about 13 glasses of liquids daily, while women should aim for about 9 glasses. But as is the case with diet, one needs to watch out for unhealthy drink choices. Instead of high-sugar, high calorie soft drinks, one should opt for water, tea or coffee.

Ditch the Menu

When most people visit restaurants, they yearn to eat what they can’t eat at home. This is often in the form of sodium-packed foods. Ignoring the menu would help in avoiding such unhealthy choices, because it removes the temptation.

In the recent past, many eateries have become increasingly sensitive to various dietary needs. Even fast-food outlets and chain restaurants will have healthy meal options. Instead of chips, one could select options that have lots of fresh vegetables and cereal.

Order First

On most business trips, one often finds themselves wining and dining clients and colleagues. One may feel pressured to visit outlandish restaurants in order to make a good impression. To avoid disrupting one’s routine, it would be prudent to take charge of the situation.

Ordering first helps greatly with this. By being the first to order, there’s no obligation to order a meal similar to anyone else’s. It also sets the tone of the meal.

A hectic schedule combined with limited meal options while travelling would be enough to derail even the most determined. But there are still ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the go. Planning ahead could go a long way in not letting other things get in the way of healthy eating.

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