Why You Need To Read These Books ASAP

Several top selling business books have hit the market this year. Authored by the gurus in the game, it is detrimental not to get your hands on a few of them and get to know where the business world is headed. It is progressive to keep afloat with new strategies, insights, and advice from respected business persons and authors to keep expanding and growing as an entrepreneur. This article gives a brief summary of the top 3 business books that have topped the shelves in the year 2016. I will tell you why these books is a must read.

Money: Master the Game

money-master-the-gameWritten by the well known Tony Robbins, this book is quite the tool you need to gain mastery over your finances. Robbins enables you to achieve the above by following seven basic principles that have been recommended by financial experts and if observed to the letter, will deliver the results. First, you need to take control of your finances, save it, do not channel out your money left right and center. Secondly, know the rules and costs of investing your money. Thirdly, set goals that are realistic to your earnings and lifestyle. Fourth, know to balance between high risk ventures with potential high returns and the secure investments. Fifth, learn how to aim at increasing your margins by targeting top returns, while at the same time reducing risks. Sixth, do not ignore professional advice. Keep learning how to invest small and reap big through making informed choices. Lastly, make your life and that of others better, it is why you are earning your money anyway.

The Third Wave

the-third-waveIn his book The Third Wave, the lead author Steve Case gives an entrepreneur’s vision of the future. I personally recommend this book as its visionary approach sounds like inside information which business people and companies must embrace to remain relevant in the future. It is ideal for giant tech company executives, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs with a keen interest on the Internet evolution. The book looks at how the Internet has evolved in waves. The first wave involved the development of infrastructure by companies such as AOL, the second comprised the emergence of companies such as Google that moved with speed to utilize the laid out infrastructure. The third wave will be an opportune time for new start-up establishments and the existing to integrate with the Internet of things. Those who will not take the steps to innovate for the future will likely face a decline.

Shoe Dogshoe-dog-book

Produced this year, this is a first from the founding member of the giant Nike, Phil Knight. In these intriguing memoirs, the chairman of board at Nike gives a candid account of his journey from selling shoes from the back of his car to being the founder of one of the most recognized brands in the world. The story is about a strong will to achieve, expertise, and unrelenting self drive that combined with luck to gift the world a brand that symbolizes pure greatness.

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