Success is something that many people aspire for. However, not everyone is prepared for the obstacles they have to face to get there. Therefore, while each person wants to be successful, only the brave few who are ready to do whatever is necessary can obtain it. If you’re an entrepreneur, pay close attention!

How does a person achieve success? Here is how they do it.

Dream Big

This is something that anyone can do. Everyone has a get-rich plan that they play over and over in their heads. Dreaming big is something optimists do best and while it might seem like a waste of time, it is actually the first step to becoming successful.

A person needs to know where he or she wants to be in life. This is the sketch of the blueprint, albeit the initial one.

Plan It

Is the dream feasible? Johnny wants to become a rockstar. He has a dream of basking in the adulation of his fans while he lets his guitar riffs loose on stage. He dreams of the spotlight on him as a stadium packed with fans scream his name.

So how does Johnny make this dream become reality? He has to start planning. It has to be a feasible plan. He starts with guitar lessons, just the basics until he is familiar. He moves on to advanced classes and becomes good at it. Unfortunately, Johnny has stage fright and never becomes a rock star because he is unable to conquer his fear of performing in front of a crowd.

Planning is making an outline. However, one should not miss any of the important steps. This outline will be filled with tasks that one might not want to do. If these tasks are necessary to ensure the accomplishment of a goal, one has no choice but to fulfill each and every one. If that seems impossible, find a new dream.


It is important to widen one’s horizons. Like does attract like. Meeting people who will be beneficial to one’s goals will help simplify things greatly. This is why networking is important. The connections a person makes can be invaluable to accomplishing his or her ultimate goal.

Sadly, not enough people make the right connections. Some miss possible connections while being waylaid by other “pressing” concerns. Widening one’s list of connections is truly invaluable to attaining success in any field or industry.

Practice Delayed Gratification

Individuals used to instant gratification are less likely to be successful in comparison to those who grew up understanding the purpose of delayed gratification. A study was done on children in 1972. It was called the Marshmallow Experiment. This study involved putting a marshmallow in front of a child and seeing if he or she could control the urge to eat it while the researcher left the room for 15 minutes.

A follow-up study was done over the next 40 years. Data showed that the children who were able to refrain from eating the marshmallow were significantly more successful than their counterparts who couldn’t fight the urge. They had better social skills and test scores. They were also better at dealing with stress.

Top performers understand the value of delayed gratification. They sacrifice their time slaving away to perfect what they do and they know it will pay off. The ability to deliver each and every day, even when one feels that he or she is already better than most is one of the key factors towards success.


Growth and change is essential. One has to adapt to new technology and different ideals to stay current and to mature. A person with a fixed mindset thinks that things cannot be changed and that factors will remain the same forever.

A successful person factors in evolution as part of his or her outline to success. The true potential of each person is unlimited. With enough training, a positive mindset and adaptation, he or she can accomplish great things.

Success is nothing but a word unless a person puts in a good deal of hard work and is persistent enough to handle the obstacles that might come his or her way. The road to one’s goals will be filled with unforeseen hurdles. Success is not easy and it is not for the weak of heart. It comes to those who understand the value of sacrifice, hard work and resourcefulness.

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